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KEVLAR Hard Hats Review (Best for Heat Resistant & Safety )

Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber used to make many different products that require combating heat and any other strong impacts, like Glove, Bulletproof vest, Jacket, Sleeve, Chaps, hard hats, Combat helmets, and more. This high-strength material was used first commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. […]

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Best Gray Hard Hats (Head Protection)

First of all hard hats are a type of safety helmet, that protects the upper part of the worker’s head from any hard object, burns, or electrical hazards. It is compulsory to wear safety helmets in the construction and mining industries. They are available in different materials such as plastics and light metals. But before […]

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Hard Hats for Small Heads : Reviews and Buyers Guide

Hard hats have become the most used and recommended modern safety equipment. Today they are used in any industry, where hazards like the falling of object or electric shock are very common. Even a tiny screw or nail can give a deadly impact on your head if fallen from a height. Most of the people […]

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Best Under Hard Hat Buyers Guide

Hard hat liners are the best way to keep sweat out of your eyes, and also keep dripping sweat off of your glasses or eyes. Sweating while working is very common among men/women, and it can be disturbing at times. Nobody likes sweat dripping here and there. Mainly the sweat generates from the head where […]

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Side Impact Hard Hats Buyers Guide

Hard hats are also known as safety helmets, which are specially designed to protect your uppermost part of the body and also the most vulnerable part of the body, that is the head. There are two types of impact hard hats available in the market. It’s kind of confusing to choose the appropriate type of […]

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