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Surfing An Olympic Sport-More Than 50 Year Long Wait Ended

If you are a sports lover, you definitely have an idea of a water sport called surfing. Surfing is a water sport which is mostly liked by beach lovers. It is an exciting game for little risks and thrill.

Surfing is a popular game, and its increasing number of players is an indicator of it. Surfing can bring beach lovers a total quality time with friends and family. You can have an enjoyable and exciting time while surfing with the beautiful natural beach scenery.

Surfing and Its History:

The history of surfing is not new, instead, it is long. The exact origin of this sport is still unknown. But it was the Europeans who first noticed this game in Tahiti back in 1767. Research and studies show us that surfing was a part of Polynesian culture that existed a long time ago.

The Hawaiians used to have a very rich culture of surfing. It was more than a sport or a profession to them. They considered it as an art. Even constructing a surfboard was a very holy and spiritual work to them. It was a fascinating addition to them of taming the seas and their waves. If people died by surfing, they used to get the highest prestige while getting buried. The most skilled man at surfing was the most respected person in their culture.

After many years, the United States adopted surfing and its ancient methods from the Hawaiians. This game has been flourished ever since. Now this game is hugely popular in California, Australia, and not mention Hawaii.

Surfing has become a beach culture in so many countries all over the world now. Many people are taking it as a profession and building successful careers out of it. Competitions and tournaments are taking place everywhere, and every year, the number of players in this game is increasing in number.

Surf Competitions- How Do They Work:

Surfing rules are simple to understand. If you are a beginner at surfing, you will have to know the basic rules of this game.

The surfers need to pass the waves to get selected for the next round. Generally, a heat consists of 2 to 4 surfers in a pre-determined competition zone at the same time. Surfers have to catch the best waves within 20 to 30 minutes. The duration depends on the type of competition. There are two judges, and they give your number on a ten-point scale. The two best waves will be counted. If you pass the waves accurately and with beautiful moves, you will get 20/20 on around, but that is not that easy to do so.

Wave scoring:

If you want to be a good surfer, you must know how the judges will evaluate the waves. The factors that are essential for wave scoring are-

  1. Commitment and degree of difficulty.
  2. Combination of major maneuvers
  3. Innovative and progressive maneuvers
  4. Variety of maneuvers
  5. Speed, power, and flow
  6. Type of waves
  7. Quality of waves that day
  8. Length of each heat

Basically, these are the standard and same rules for any surfing tournament or international competition.

Journey to the Olympics:

With the increasing popularity of surfing, there have begun competitions all over the world. The game is pretty cool, and so is to watch. World Surf League (WSL) organizes the main competitions. There are two parts in WSL- World Qualifying Series (WQS), and World Championship Tour (WCT). The majority of the pro players play at WQS and their goal is to enter the WCT, the elite circuit.

The journey to the Olympics was a long path since the surfing competitions began. After a long time of waiting, surfing has been selected as one of the events in the Olympics 2020. 10 men and 8 women will come in this event from the tops ranks of the World Surf League 2019 standings out of 20 men and 20 women.  Others will participate who had good ranks in different International Surfing Association (ISA) events like Pan American Games. Overall, 40 men and women from all over the world will be participating in surfing events in the Olympics 2020.

Adding surfing to the Olympic events will bring surfing to a whole new level. There are already many successful personas in this field, and being inspired by them, more people are taking surfing as their career. Moreover, this game is getting famous and becoming a lifestyle.

Some Factors of the Brand New Surfing Event in Olympic-2020:

  • There will be a total of 40 surfers from different countries like- Japan, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Israel, etc. to compete in the Olympics.
  • This surfing event will be held at Japan’s Kisakihama beach in Miyazaki. There are plenty of waves to make this event successful. But indeed they are not good enough.
  • There will be sponsors to provide the players with sports stuff.
  • There is severe pollution going on due to excessive radiation in the ocean water of Japan. But the awareness among people and government of this serious problem is not that much appreciable. So it can be dangerous for the players. 
  • Surfing is included in Olympics only for Tokyo 2020. They are aiming at increasing more young audience of this game. If it fails in some way, the event will be discontinued.

Olympic 2020 and The Pandemic:

It is a matter of great sorrow for the sports lovers that due to the pandemic of Covid-19 Olympic 2020, Tokyo would not be held this year. It has been officially declared that this Olympic will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in July 2021. Till then, the debut of surfing in this Olympics has to wait. It will be the best time for surfers and surfing lovers to have this game on such a broad international level.

Best Wishes for Surfing!

The people who love surfing, it is safe to say that the ocean is life for them. They grow up in the seashores; they take risks and get thrilled by it. They surf as if it’s the only thing that has been keeping them alive. It is a risky sport, making sense why as its popularity grows, they want it to be popular among young people. This sport leaves a lot in one’s life.

There are rules like any other sport, but the surfers tend to live with those rules as if they are no longer rules. It is their way of life. In many popular surfing places like Hawaii and many tropical places in the U.S., people are opening surfing schools for the young generations to experience the surfer’s life from a very early age.

Being able to participate in Olympic 2020 will be groundbreaking for everyone who loves to surf. Young people who just started learning surfing will have a motive to love the ocean and natural life in a world where people are so busy with technology. It will bring hope for people in tropical areas.

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