Shoes And Personality- How Both Are Connected

What we wear, especially our shoes can actually reveal a lot about our personality. Just like our clothes, even our favorite style of shoes can make a strong statement about our personality traits.

It is said that if you walk a few miles in someone’s shoes, then you will know the man.  At first glance, it is possible to get an idea of ​​a person’s personality by the shoes they wear. However, guessing a man’s personality is not so easy.

Shoes or sandals are the most necessary companion in everyday life.  Shoes are one of the most used items in modern civilization. Before the invention of the shoe, people badly felt to protect their feet from dirt and painful stuff in the street. One cannot imagine a moment without shoes in urban areas. Shoes were invented primarily for the safety of human feet, but now they provide not only safety but also a part of the decoration. Shoes have different designs depending on gender, age, country, and time. We all know when we see someone’s shoes; we can understand what a person is like and what his personality will be like.  In fact, in addition to clothing, shoes also enhance a person’s personality.  Shoes are also considered a symbol of good luck.  That is why in some countries old couples are sometimes seen tying old shoes in front of their cars.

There are many types of shoes in this modern world. Let’s know about them shortly. The variety of shoe styles, colors, materials, and textures for women and men is endless.

There are some famous shoes like Formal black shoes, Sandals with socks, Boat shoe, Ballet shoe, Flip flops, Climbing shoe, High-heeled footwear shoe, Ballerina Flats, Jelly shoe, Loafers, Street shoes, Pumps shoes, White kitten Heels, Running shoe, Dress Shoe, Toe shoe, Snow boot, Sneakers, etc.

Here we can see how shoes are connected with one’s personality. →

Formal black shoes:

A hard worker, you are respectful towards others and expect them to treat you the same way.

Sandals with socks:

Apart from looking silly, you also give out the perception of a lazy guy!


Flip-flops are a type of sandal, typically worn as a form of casual wear. Laidback and chilled out, they never have expectations and often don’t care much for the outside world.


If you often wear ankle-length boots, you give out the vibe of a masculine, detail-oriented person, whom everyone adores, and obviously, you’re very much trendy.

Ballerina Flats:

Choosing to wear these easy-going monochrome ballerina flats suggests that you are a kind and grounded person. For them, comfort is more important than making style statements. It’s about being girly and, at the same time, being understated and essential. They are someone who believes in a bit of fantasy while staying in reality. If anyone chooses to wear ballerina flats, she prefers to be focused, modest, and look intelligent.


Wedges are comfortable and stylish. There are many different kinds like strap wedge heels, cork wedges, denim wedges, and simple pearl wedges. From a huge variety to choose from, wedges lend your outfit an exquisite and polished look. It suggests they are strong-headed without being a conformist. Wedges and platforms have a dash of retro appeal, which is a mix of playfulness and statement styles. These shoes suggest that you are more about comfort and, instead of balancing over high heels, they’d rather focus on keeping out unnecessary fanciness.

Work Boots:

Work boots wearers are always looking ahead. They love to plan. Rather than live impulsively, they’re very analytical in their approach to life and prefer to have a strategy. This way, they’re always prepared for what comes next and never have to worry about unforeseen obstacles. The work boot wearer is grounded, very practical, and always has a plan. This person never moves without a plan and is always thinking two or three steps ahead.


Loafers can quickly add a vintage and glamorous touch to your footwear style, whether worn for office or over a nighttime outfit.

If you like your toes closed-off from the front, then loafers are the right choice of footwear. Loafers are stretchable to accommodate your feet. They have elasticated panels on both sides that eliminate the need for any shoe fastenings or laces.

Loafer lovers are fastidious.

Whether in relationships or at their job, they give their everything. They’re entirely unshakable. They’re very responsible, detail-driven.

Dress Shoes:

A dress shoe is a shoe to be worn at smart casual or more formal events. A dress shoe is typically contrasted to an athletic shoe. These types of shoes are worn by many as their standard daily shoes and are widely used in dance, for parties, and special occasions.

People who wear dress shoes are very cool-minded and fun-loving.

They can maintain excellent social communication. These make a lot of sense in any formal or business casual setting. If anyone wears these daily, works somewhere with a professional dress code, they will like to consider intelligent, mature, handsome, and confident personalities. Compared to other styles, dress shoes don’t provide an immense amount of comfort; however, your appearance matters more to them than being completely comfortable.

Non- Branded Sneakers:

People who wear non-branded sneakers are not people who give much thought to their personal style and fashion. Trends do not mean much to them. What matters is affordability, along with comfort. They believe brands cannot define who they really are! On the job front, they are organized, goal-oriented, and hardworking. They like wearing shoes that keep them comfortable and can help them move around swiftly.

Street Shoe:

Street shoes Vans, Nike, New Balance, and clean Converse all fall under this category. If anyone wears any sort of street shoe, they’re probably in their teens or early twenties. They’re current and up to date with the latest fashion trends in streetwear. They purchased these shoes because they saw many others wearing them as well, which means that they enjoy fitting in with the young crowd and being “cool”.

Pumps Shoe:

Pumpers or court shoes have a low-cut vamp without any fastening in the front. Hence, they are extremely to slip on. Just like flip-flops, pumps are also perfect for summers. They are incredibly versatile and available in different patterns and colors. The origin of the pumpers is still disputed. Some people believe that pumps were a male equestrian shoe in the Far East. This might be true. Because male and female pump shoes were quite the same. However, now, the word “pump” is exclusively used for women’s shoes. Nowadays, pumps are regal and glamorous footwear.

White Kitten Heels:

Trendy girls like it so much. It gives a touch to their outfit with cute kitten heel booties.

White is one of the hottest shoe colors of the season, so showcase them by wearing pop or pastel shades to make them stand out. This footwear looks excellent with jeans and a trench coat or with a midi skirt. No matter how you style them, they’re essential for every woman’s wardrobe.

Running shoe:

People who love to wear running shoes are those who enjoy fitness challenges, takes their own responsibility, and have been known to go the extra mile with a label maker.  This is someone very confident, very goal-oriented, and very organized. They really illustrate the idea of multitasking, taking care of everything, and being everywhere. They’re very active in their life.

On the other side, women’s shoes are also very connected with their personalities. Most women like to wear heels. Yet, different types of heels can communicate different things about someone’s personality.

Studies have shown that when a female wears high heels, she is deemed more attractive and fashionable. The person who loves wearing high-heeled boots will always be the one to take control of the situation. They’re quick on their feet and able to make clear, rational decisions. This woman is exceptionally self-assured, so people around her feel instantly safer in her hands.

Now let’s talk about the color of shoes.

Color also defines one’s choice and personality.

We often assume that people who wear colorful or bright shoes are extroverts. On the other side, people who wear dull colorful shoes are considered introverts.

Most people say the style of your footwear as well as its color and condition, also tells a lot about you. For example, if you go for boring shoes in dull colors, researchers suggest that you may have difficulty forming relationships. If you like to wear worn-in shoes, you are extroverted and emotionally stable. But we shouldn’t be so quick to judge people who wear bright or colorful shoes. The study actually found that while we tend to believe colorful and bright shoes attract extroverts. However, there is no such relationship.

In the end, we can say nowadays people prefer to buy shoes for other attires to show his or her personality and their social status.

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