Reviews Of Highest Rated , Most Comfortable And Long Lasting Work Boots Of All Time

Whenever we decide to make an investment into that piece of footwear especially work boots we look for some of the most essential factors like how durable it is, how cost-effective it is and how much value for money.

It will provide to us in the long run. But apart from all these factors, there are certain critical aspects also that need not be neglected because investment in a pair of work boots usually takes a lot of money.

Many of them don’t come cheap. So let’s get into the most important factors that must be considered in order to get the most out of your work boots:

  • Comfort: It is the most over-rated yet very crucial aspect of purchasing the correct pair of work boots. Many people just go after the style statement that the boots offer. But if they are not comfortable to use, then they won’t be a value for money purchase. You will always get the feeling that you are dragging something with you that you don’t want to, all the time. SO never compromise on the comfort front.
  • Are they long-lasting?
    • Work boots are generally purchased with the intention of using for at least a minimum of 5 years. If a work boot doesn’t last for a minimum of 5 years then there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that a particular company is making the boots.
    • Hence only go for those pair of work boots that have the potential to last for at least a minimum of 5 years.
    • Always check for all the security certifications and the necessary standard compliance check before you decide to buy that critical piece of footwear.
  • What is their warranty period?
    • Always go for a pair of work boots which comes with at least 5 years of warranty.
    • A minimum of 5 years of warranty signifies that the brand itself is conscious of its customers and believes in imparting quality service to them.

So let’s check out some of the highest-rated and most comfortable work boots of 2018 which have the potential to last for quite a long period of time :


1. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot Review – One of the finest piece of art from the house of Caterpillar

One of the finest pieces of art in the footwear segment. Caterpillar which is a renowned footwear brand never stays behind in providing the best of elegance and comfort blended with a touch of quality. The Men’s Second Shift ST work boots are the perfect choice for any work environment mainly in the construction segment or for all those who have to spend a long time on their feet.

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot.jpg

  • Material/Built Quality
    • The built quality is excellent and it is specially designed for those who work tremendously hard in terms of physical work. It is one of the most durable work boots that you go with and it will never disappoint you.
  • Look and Feel
    • In terms of looks, it is really very classic and gives the feel of something very unique and different. In terms of feel these boots are really very comfortable and won’t disappoint you on any comfort front.
  • Usability
    • In terms of usability, these work boots are really one of the best to use. Not only they serve the purpose of your everyday work life but will keep you in good mood and health. They do not allow you to get tired easily by preventing foot fatigue and let you work for long hours.
  • Key Features
    • Rugged Boots: These boots are basically rugged boots. They allow a sufficient amount of air to flow inside the boots so that you don’t suffer from smelly feet and odor which is really irritating. The presence of an internal nylon mesh allows for sufficient airflow in order to keep your feet dry and healthy. They are perfect for any kind of environment. They can easily withstand any harsh type of work conditions and are specially designed for that. They are perfect for any type of weather as well and won’t let you feel any discomfort at all.
    • Slip and oil resistant: They are slip-resistant as well and also provide you protection against any kind of oily or wet surface. These boots are general-purpose boots and serve all-around benefits covering almost all these aspects. They come in a US shoe size of 7 to 14. They come in two different colors – Dark brown and honey
    • Steel toe boots: They are steel-toed boots and also comprises a plush collar.
      • They even have a steel shank in their sole which provides an additional layer of stability and support to the feet. It helps in the overall even weight distribution of the body.
      • It also comprises a removable PU sock layer whose main responsibility is to provide comfort to the feet all day long. The product dimensions are 12 x 8 x 4 inches. They weigh around 2 pounds.
  • It is really cheap and affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket in terms of pricing.
  • A complete value for money product that will never disappoint you.
  • The insole of these boots are well contoured and they also have a Goodyear welt construction.
  • They are made up of leather and hence amazing in its functionality.
  • The upper body of the boots is made up of full-grain leather
  • They don’t serve a specific purpose and might not appeal to many people. They are basically general purpose boots.

One of the best product from the house of caterpillar that will definitely prove to be a value for money invested in the coming future. A perfect combination of modern technology, these boots are built to last for long and gives a great user experience. You won’t regret any penny spent on this piece of excellent footwear.

 Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

2. La Sportiva Makalu Boot Review – One of the best example of durability and excellent performance


One of the best lineman boots that you can buy from the market from the house of La Sportiva. An active example of durability and high performance, these pair of work boots are perfect to use in any kind of weather or harsh working conditions.

La Sportiva Makalu Boot Review

  • Overview
    • Material/Built Quality
      • They have quite an impressive built quality as they are made up of leather and that to classic leather
    • Look and Feel
      • The looks of these boots are quite impressive and appeal a lot to the user. In terms of feel, they are extremely comfortable.
    • Usability
      • In terms of usability, they are one of the best fitting boots they can ever buy. They are one of the most high-performance boots from the house of La Sportiva.
    • Key Features
      • High stability: They provide great support and stability to the feet in terms of distributing the overall body weight evenly. Hence you don’t feel like heavier while wearing these boots. The insole is 8mm ins size. They also comprise of an air cushion midsole.
      • Perfect for any outdoor environment: One of the best works for any kind of work environment that ensures maximum performance. They comprise 1.5 mm of the steel shank and hence provide great support to the arch. Hence for the lineman who is always into climbing poles and transmission lines, it eases their life. The upper body is made up of leather that belongs to the family of edro-per wager.
      • Excellent build quality: The flex tongue is removable and is accompanied by the best of lining from the inside. It weighs around 980 grams. On the European shoe size scale, it comes in size ranges of 38 to 47. It also comprises of a protective Vibram Rand that is definitely a performance booster in case of these boots. The product dimensions are 6 x 14 x 18 inches.
  • One of the best work boots for heavy duty work and operational task.
  • Can be easily worn for more than 10 hours without any difficulty and still you won’t feel any foot fatigue.
  • It is quite an expensive boots and will require you to spend quite a lot of money in order to own one. For those who are looking for a cheaper option, this is not the product for you.

This boot is one of the perfect examples of comfort and high performance blended with reliability and durability.  Build to last in any tough outdoor environment, these boots provide excellent stability and traction. It provides stability to the arch and maintains the uniform shape and posture of the body.

La Sportiva Makalu Boot Review 

3. La Sportiva Karakorum Boot Review – The finest piece of comfort from the house of La Sportiva

Here comes another of the finest product from the house of La Sportiva that will surely cater to your comfort requirements. Let’s see what special features it has for us:

La Sportiva Makalu Boot Review

  • Material/Built Quality
    • This is one of the most stable boots which has solid built quality. it is mainly designed for climbing and is perfect for the lineman workers. Especially they have to climb on poles and these pair of boots makes the job much easier.
    • They are made up of high-quality leather from the house of Idro-Perwanger.
  • Look and Feel
    • The looks of these pair of climbing boots are extremely elegant and classy. They are quite appealing and impressive in terms of looks and feels very comfortable to use. Not even for a minute, you will feel your feet to be suffocated.
  • Usability
    • They fit in perfectly and are available in various sizes. NO matter the feet size each one of them fits properly and won’t let you stay worried whether you will get the right fit or not.
  • Key Features
    • Nylon outer construction: They comprises an 8mm high-density outer case which is mainly made up of nylon
    • Excellent stability: The insole of these boots also have an anti-torsion plate as well which accounts for greater stability and comfort to the feet. They also comprise of a rubber rand from the house of Vibram and a Cordura cough.
    • Perfect fitting: They are available in a European shoe size of 40.5 to 46.5 and US shoe size of 38.5 to 43. The sole of these boots is made up of a special material called polyurethane. The product dimensions are 14 x 14 x 5 inches and it weighs around 3 pounds.
  • One of the best boots for outdoor use and can be used in any of the work situation or environment. Specially designed for robust use, these pair of work boots are perfect for any type of weather.
  • They are perfect in adapting to the shape of the feet while you walk or climb the poles because if that is not implemented the lineman might experience extreme difficulty in maintaining the proper body balance over the poles.
  • The inner sole has the air cushion from the house of SBR and that makes the boots very much comfortable to use
  • They are perfect for extreme summer or extreme winter.
  • They are even compatible with new matic crampons and are therefore one of the best and most preferred choices for climbers.
  • Great value for money product that will easily last for a minimum of 5 years.
  • If you want to go for maintaining as well as backpacking, these are the perfect pair of boots to go for with.
  • They have a straight fit.
  • They are pretty expensive boots and will require you to shed quite a bit of money from your pocket.
  • These boots are non-insulated boots

If you can imagine the perfect lineman boot for lineman workers these are definitely one of them. The great quality and stability along with high performance that it offers are definitely unmatchable to any other brand out there. There might be 100 brands out there but in the footwear industry only the best of the best services.

 La Sportiva Makalu Boot Review

4. Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots Review – Wesco Highliner Lineman boots that will be the perfect fit for any lineman worker

One of the best and highly rated work boots from the house of Wesco Highliner is definitely this one. It is one of the long-lasting boots that you can find in the online marketplace and which also offers one of the high performance you have ever imagined. Let’s see what it has got in its kitty.

Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots Review

  • Material/Built Quality
    • The built quality is one of its types and definitely the best that you can find in its range. Highly durable product with years of long-lasting guarantee.
    • The design features a lace-up to the toe design and hence appear very stylish and durable.
  • Look and Feel
    • The look and feel of these boots are very elegant and stylish and appeal to the style statement as well. It is very comfortable to wear because it has additional layers of comfort as well through cushioned supports.
  • Usability
    • They fit perfectly and are one of the best fit in terms of sizing. Hence in terms of usability, you won’t find any concern about bothering you.
  • Key Features
    • The steel shanks present in these work boots are extra heavy and also comprises an additional layer of leather to provide the necessary support required while climbing on the poles.
    • They are electrical shockproof and provide protection against any kind of electric discharge. Working as a lineman can be a pretty dangerous job. So these boots definitely ease up your life
    • They are made up of full grain leather.
    • The steel shank used in the making of these boots is noncorrosive and hence provides maximum support to the feet.
    • They have a flap which is made up of leather
  • One of the best boots for climbers who work in the electrical industry. Specially lineman are the one which needs to climb on poles. Hence they are the ones who definitely prefer this brand for is unmatchable quality.
  • The soles are extremely sturdy.
  • They might take a bit of time to get used to especially for those who are not used to wearing lace to toe design boots.

These are one of the best work boots that you can buy as a lineman. Now the long lasting work boots life and the durability these offers are completely unmatchable to any other normal brand work shoe. Hence don’t give a second thought and just go for it.

 Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots Review

5. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot Review – One of the best hiking boots and perfect for rough terrains and harsh areas.


Many of us are a big fan of hiking as well and also some of our work in the construction industry. Now if you fall into both of these categories then this is the perfect pair of work boots for you to own. These are a perfect pair of work boots that offer a perfect blend of comfort, durability, reliability and long-lasting life.

 Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot Review

  • Material/built quality
    • The built quality is excellent and one of the best in the industry. They cater to all the safety standards and criteria.
  • Look and feel
    • The look and feel these boots are extremely classy and appealing. No wonder for what purpose you are using it. It will be as comfortable as it claims to be.
  • Usability
    • In terms of usability, it fits perfectly and can be sued all day long. No wonder for how many hours you have to use it. It is just perfect for any type of work environment.
  • Key features
    • They are available in us shoe sizes of 8.5 to 13.
    • They are available in sepia color.
    • They are fit for any kind of terrain and any kind of weather.
    • They are waterproof boots and also provide a great amount of air breathability. Hence because of that, you don’t experience any kind of foot fatigue or dampness in the feet.
    • They have a climate -control footbed wicks and that takes care of the moisture aspect. They do not let your feet get damp and hence suffer from bad odor.
    • They are lightweight boot and extremely durable
    • They have a nylon shank in their soles which enhances the stability of the boots and increases the performance factor.
    • The lacing provided is a derby styled lacing one of the easiest to operate and use in any kind of environment. Even if your hands are slippery they can be timed perfectly.
    • They weigh four pounds in weight.
    • They are full-length boots and have a stiff stabilizer. Your body weight is evenly distributed over the soles for better comfort.
  • They run true to their size and fit absolutely perfectly. No issue in terms of sizing.
  • These boots are oregon tested and approved
  • They comprise of a muddy traction. Hence these kind of work boots are perfect to use in areas where you might have high probability of slipping due to slippery surfaces.
  • These boots are a little bit expensive to own. They might be a little bit costly for those who are looking a for a cheaper option in the work boot segment.
  • They have not insulated boots and hence cannot be worn in the winter season.

An absolute piece of art from the house of Lowa Renegade. If you are a big fan of hiking and work as a lineman as well or you actually work in areas that are most of industry setup type, these are the perfect pair of boots to own. You will never be disappointed by the quality they offer and the protection they impart to your feet every time.

 Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot Review


Product Build quality and usability Key characteristics Pros Cons
Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot Excellent and state of the art


Classy look and feel


Prevent foot fatigue

Rugged boots




General Purpose boots


Has steel shanks


Steel toes boot

Cheap and affordable



Might not appeal to many people
La Sportiva Makalu Boot Excellent.


Made from leather



Has air-cushioned midsole

Long-lasting and durable


Perfect for heavy-duty work

Expensive boots
La Sportiva Karakorum Boot Solid and excellent. At par with industry standards Classy and elegant




Made up of high-quality leather

Outer case made of nylon


The insole has anti-torsion plate


Soles are made up of polyurethane


Best for outdoor use


Perfect for backpacking also




Wesco Highliner Brown Lineman Boots Excellent


Stylish and classy


Perfect fitting

Steel shanks are present


Electric shockproof


Leather flaps

Best for climbers Take time to get used to wearing these all day.
Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot Excellent and best in the industry


Perfect fitting

Perfect for any kind of terrain


High air breathability


Have climate-controlled foot-bed wicks

Oregon tested and approved


Comprise of muddy traction.





Buying a perfect pair of work boots just narrows down to a few basic criteria. SO every time you go out to buy a perfect pair of work boots for your everyday use just keep these things in mind:

  • Never ever compromise on the quality front. If the boots are not having a great built quality definitely sooner or later the boots are going to tear up and hence all you will be left with is a useless piece of footwear.
  • If the boots are comfortable in every way you can think of walking, then only buy those. Because an uncomfortable pair of work boots will make your everyday life pretty much difficult and tiresome. You will always feel like you are dragging something behind yourself which you actually don’t want to.
  • Never compromise on the durability front. Also never ever compromise on the performance front. If the boots are not performing well even in the toughest of environments then you need to seriously think about changing them.
  • Buy work boots depending on your requirements and the area in which you live. Choose wisely from insulated and non-insulated.

Hope everything is crystal clear.


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