Must have Logging Boots With Caulks Review

Logging boots are a must for all those who work in the logging industry or as loggers. It acts as safety footwear and prevents the feet from any kind of unwanted casualty or injury while working.

Similarly, for the people who work as loggers, Logging boots with caulks is the primary necessity. Now you might ask what exactly caulks are.

Caulks are basically the spikes that you see below the sole of the logger boots.

These spikes might appear to be just simple spikes but they are not. They serve a highly important purpose. That purpose is to keep you safe out there.

As loggers spend most of the time in slippery, uneven and rough surfaces, they need to stay in position while dealing with those heavy logs. At times loggers are required to uplift heavy logs and carry in person from one place to the other. During that period they are at a high chance of slipping or getting misbalanced. That is not a pretty sight.

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One of the guys who now works at my house earlier used to work as a logger.

Even now as part-time, he still works as a logger and that too in highly rough conditions to earn money. He belongs to a not so well-to-do family and works hard to earn a living.

He is getting frequent injuries while working as a logger as he works in the forest and collects logs to shift them back to the factory.

First, he collects the logs and accumulates them by the riverside, then via trucks, those logs are transported to the nearby factory.

I saw a lot of injuries on his feet one day while he was working in my garden. Those were the marks of casualties that he went through while working as a logger.

So I decided to step up for him and gave him a pair of Viking Footwear Spiked Forester Caulk Boot and Viking Footwear Black Tusk Caulk Waterproof Steel Toe Boot. You might think why two pairs of boots? That’s because I don’t want to suffer him from any more injuries.

He has been using these two boots ever since and has been feeling a lot better when he works as a logger. Let’s have a look at some of the best highlights of both these boots.

1. Viking Footwear Spiked Forester Caulk Boot –

the flagship logging boots with caulk from the house of Viking


Viking Footwear Spiked Forester Caulk Boot

These boots are the best flagship product from the house of Viking in terms of the best logging boots with caulks.  A perfect blend of comfort and durability is one of that footwear that you can trust without any second thoughts.

Material/ Build Quality/ Usability

These boots have excellent build quality and are made up of fine quality rubber.

They have a fit expectancy of 80 percent and come in US shoe sizes of 6 to 14.

Look and Feel

The boots look classy and feature a sporty casual look. They are available in black and orange variants and are extremely comfortable working long hours.

Key Features and characteristics

Polyester lining: These boots feature an SBR blended rubber construction that has polyester lining and elegant finishing.

Chemical resistant: These boots are chemical resistant and have high-quality material used in their construction.

  • Convenient user experience: These boots have polyester flaps behind laces and reinforced heel as well as instep. They have a caulked sole which is made up of SBR blended NR rubber material.
  • Highly flexible: These boots are extremely flexible and perfect for rough terrain.
  • ·         Ideal boots for timber rafting, loggers, and harvesters, professional arborists, etc.
  • ·         Lightweight boots weighing just about 3 pounds.
  • They do not feature a steel toe.
  • They do not provide the necessary insulation and hence are not the perfect choice for the winter season or cold areas.
  • A bit costly and might burn a hole in your pocket.

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

2. Viking Footwear Black Tusk Caulk Waterproof Steel Toe Boot –

The best waterproof steel toe logging boots with caulk from the house of Viking


Viking Footwear Black Tusk Caulk Waterproof Steel Toe Boot

Another quality footwear for loggers is the Viking Footwear Black Tusk Caulk Waterproof Steel Toe Boot.  A perfect combination of high-quality construction techniques that have yielded up a one of a kind product. Let’s explore the inside features.

Material/ Build Quality/ Usability

The build quality is one of the best as per industry standards and they feature rubber construction. They are available on the US shoe size scale of 6 to 14 and comes in 4 different sizes.

Look and Feel

Looks casual and sporty yet maintains their elegant and classiness. Comfortable in terms of working at uneven terrain.

Key Features and characteristics

  • Shaft: The shaft comes up to the height of the mid-calf from the arch. The height of the platform is 0.5 inches.
  • Superb construction: The top portion of the boots is made up of leather, the bottom portion is made up of rubber while the canvas lining is done by cotton.
  • Caulked sole: these boots feature an SBR blended NR caulked sole
  • Ideal boots for timber rafting, loggers, and harvesters, professional arborists, etc.
  • Provides excellent traction.
  • The spiked sole provides a limited chemical resistance.
  •  A bit costly boots.
  •  Heavy boots and weigh around 10 pounds.

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

Both these boots are valued for money products. Value for money product that will keep you safe and secure in those critical working conditions.

That guy who works at my house has been really impressed with the quality they offer. Being a logger he has to spend hours in the forests and these boots have surely eased up his life.

As simple as it might sound, working as a logger in the forests is pretty much challenging. You have to work in adverse conditions and always remain at high risk of getting injuries.

A logger boot with caulks will keep you in the right position and will prevent you from slipping and getting hurt. Often time we engage in hectic activities and forget to take care of yourself.

Well, these boots do the exact same for you. Always remember one thing that while buying a logger boot with caulks, select the one which has high-quality spikes or caulks.

Caulks are also at a high risk of cracking and getting damaged when you work in extremely harsh conditions. So for your own safety go with the one that has better quality and will keep you safe out there.

You are supposed to protect yourself not damage your feet. Remember that. A proper logger boot will keep you safe and secure all the time. So invest a bit in those perfect pair of boots for the long-term benefit.

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