Metatarsal Boots- Why They Are So Important

Shoes and boots are our essential accessories to put on before going outside. The utmost necessity of shoes in our lives is because they save our feet from dust and getting hurt or injured. So we cannot think of a single day without shoes in our everyday life.

Shoes, however, are no longer only a question of necessity; instead, shoes have become one of the branches of modern fashion. Fashion lovers are really enthusiastic about having a collection of shoes from different brands.

It is also necessary for us to wear shoes according to the environment and weather. You cannot wear heels while trekking. Again you cannot wear slippers while working in factories and construction sites because it will not be safe for your feet. You should wear safety boots at those rough kinds of places to save your feet from getting hurt. Metatarsal boots are these kinds of safety boots.

Metatarsal Boots Example

What are Metatarsal Boots?

Metatarsals are the long and thin bones situated at our upper midfoot. They are five in numbers. When our feet get hit with something so badly, or a heavy object falls on our feet from a good height, our metatarsal bones may get fractured.

What are Metatarsal Boots?

Metatarsal boots protect the metatarsal area of our feet, including the toe area. Metatarsal boots are suitable mainly for people who work at factories, construction sites, or risky places. These are highly protective boots for feet and toes which prevent any falling object from hitting our toes so severely.

Types of Metatarsal Boots:

There are two types of metatarsal boots available in the market.

1. External Metatarsal Boots:

External metatarsal boots are like a turtle shell. They cover your boots on the outside and protect your feet from getting hurt.

External Metatarsal Boots

External metatarsal boots are not much comfortable to wear as a limitation. The most obvious reason for this is its less flexibility. As a result, it becomes difficult to move after wearing a pair of those. So you may find difficulty in wearing external metatarsal boots while working in a hurry. But luckily, the modern and latest versions are able to cover the limitations and bringing positive reviews from the users.

2. Internal Metatarsal Guards:

Internal Metatarsal Guards

Internal metatarsal boots have internal guards inside of them. The internal guards work as a skeleton. They support your feet and give protection from the inside.

Internal metatarsal boots were not so popular until the present time because of their thick and uncomfortable internal units. But the updated and latest versions are bringing fewer problems than before. Now the internal metatarsal boots have a liquid-type soft, flexible pouch, which is more resilient. So the advancement of the boots can bring you much better and effective results.

What you may find as the most attractive aspect is technology kicks in when you need it most. As soon as a heavy object drops to your feet, it triggers a chemical reaction that turns the soft gel into a hard rock guard. It is quite expectable that many people still feel hesitant about buying these, but internal guards are definitely looking like the future for metatarsal protection.

Why it is important to have metatarsal boots and their advantages:

It must be weird to hear that the boots are named after our bones, Metatarsal. This boot is named after this because it is dedicated to providing safety to the metatarsal area of our feet. The metatarsal area is the most vulnerable part of our body because it remains out beyond our body line. So if you work at any risky place like a construction site, you may be in severe trouble with your feet by getting hurt or injured if you do not take proper precautions.

So the significance of metatarsal boots lies in saving your feet from any heavy falling object at your workplace.

  • Metatarsal boots are specialized for protecting your metatarsal area from getting hit with any solid body or any falling object.
  • Metatarsal boots are made of genuine leather, which ensures their durability. The boots will not tear open easily for their high durability.
  • There is an outer layer of rubber on a metatarsal boot. This layer makes it more flexible, slip-resistant, and electricity resistant. Not only that, it lessens the friction and stress of a boot.
  • These boots are the potential for saving from cuts, bruises, acid splashes, or burns. The thick layer will protect your feet from any kind of injury.
  • The metatarsal boots are amazing to use at construction sites as there is an extra necessary to be cautious about your feet.

Let’s have a look at frequently asked questions:

Are the metatarsal boots the same as steel toe boots?

No, the metatarsal boots and the steel toe boots are not the same. Basically, their purposes are almost the same. But there are differences in their structures and functions.

Steel toe boots save only your toes by having steel inside the boots. Metatarsal boots save the metatarsal area of your feet and also your toes. Their functions vary because of their internal structures.

How will you break in metatarsal boots?

There are some instructions to follow if you have or planning to buy a pair of metatarsal boots. The dos and don’ts are given below-


  • Buy a pair of them with a warranty because it is pretty common to have pain in your legs and toes after wearing a new pair of boots. You may feel pinches and some uncomfortable areas inside the boots. So buy them with warranty. Also, give them trials at home before going to work wearing them.
  • Moisturize your boots every after some specific time as they are made of animal leather. It will make look good the surface of the boots, and also it will help the boots conform to the shape of your feet easily.
  • Take your boots to work regularly. These boots are for your safety, and only you are responsible for your safety. So never forget to take them to work to avoid any damaging consequences.


  • Never put your boots directly on heat or near flames because hitting them means drying out their skin on the surface.
  • Do not kick off your boots after getting home. Doing like this for many days will reduce its durability.

Is it expensive to buy a pair of metatarsal boots?

Metatarsal boots are not so expensive to buy. Also, these are very much available. You can buy metatarsal boots at an affordable price anywhere even if you are on a budget. So do not worry about the price. If you need them for the sake of your safety, you must buy them without thinking twice as they are not too costly to buy.

Last Words

Maintaining safety at work is very much necessary for yourself and your family. Do not take risks at work, and always keep safety measures with you. You have to be careful enough to avoid accidents if you work at factories or construction sites. You must have metatarsal or any safety boots to protect your feet from any danger.

Our feet are vital organs of our body. So we cannot take any chance with them. A minute’s carelessness can have your legs broken and even amputated. So be careful and be aware of the necessary precautions. Use metatarsal for your own good and lead a safe life.

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