Before we begin into the sizing of these boots, let’s first allow me to let you know about what is this footwear brand. Chippewa is one of the Wisconsin based footwear brands that has been producing fine quality boots ever since it came into existence.

The boots produced by this footwear brand is known to have been the personal favorite of many people not just in the US but also across many other countries.



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So let’s begin by knowing how this company began

This company known by the name of Chippewa began its journey in the year 1901 in a small factory in Wisconsin, US. This company is known to have produced rugged boots and other high-quality rugged shoes for almost every purpose you can think of.

This footwear brand has become the personal favorite of many out there and it is more than just a brand in itself. Each of the footwear that comes out of the house of this company has uncompromised quality and top-rated standards.

You will never find faulty footwear from Chippewa

This footwear brand not only produces some of the excellent quality footwear but also focusses a lot on the build quality of the footwear. I want to share one thing with you.

When this company was in the early years of establishment, it was supported by a lot of loggers and industrial workers who helped build this company from scratch. To the effort of those hard-working men, the founder of this company has made a tribute by never compromising on the quality and craftsmanship ever since.

Footwear from the house of Chippewa comes in every size you can think of. They are made for a variety of sizes especially the boots they are some impressive pieces of footwear.

Let me drive you through the size chart of Chippewa boots as the topic of discussion out here is just Chippewa boot.

Chippewa boot sizing details.

Chippewa has three categories of sizing when it comes to high-quality boots. Their size chart is divided into Category E, category D, and Category EE.

Key facts Boot Brands

Each of these categories has the following sizes available:

  • Category E has about 15 different sizes available that range from 6 to 14 on the US shoe size scale. So as per your requirement you can select any of the sizes that fit you best and own a fine piece of the boot for your everyday use.
  • Then comes the category D which has about 15 sizes in it also. These sizes range from number 6 to 14 and are suitable for a large number of people. Just select the size that fits you best and you are good to go.
  • Then comes another size category which is the EE category. Again this category has 15 different sizes available in it and ranges from 6 to 14 on the US shoe size scale. You can select the size as per your choice and enjoy the benefit of high-quality boots from the house of Chippewa.

These are some of the key facts that you must know about Chippewa boot as they are one of the best quality boots you will find in the market.

This boot brand is one of the oldest in America and since then it has been committed to delivering high-quality products to the audience.

Never has it had a compromise with the quality because that is the only benchmark that can help you sustain in the long run in the footwear industry.

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Let’s have a look at some of the key advantages of the boots from this company.

  • First of all the boots from this company are one of the best quality boots that you will find in the footwear market.
  • The boots are available in a whole lot of size varieties. Not only have they catered to a limited no o shoe sizes but also to a huge number of different shoe sizes. That’s why this is the only footwear brand that has three major categories in the size chart and comes in15 different sizes for each category. So in total, you can select from a range of 45 different sizes and select the one that fits you best.
  • Boots from the house of this brand have excellent durability and long-lasting nature. These boots are built to last for long because they have one of the best build quality you can think of. They are made using state of the art craftsmanship and construction techniques which can easily compel you to buy one.

So all in all Chippewa is a boot brand that can be trusted in the long run.

Chippewa is one of the fewest brands in the American footwear industry that has come a long way. Established in the 20th Century this brand is no joke at all. Ever since they stood on their foot they have built fine quality footwear to cater to the audience. They provide one of the best comfort and durability which you won’t find easily anywhere else. The boots come at different price range and sizes.

So to comment about the sizing of these boots I think there is a lot more no of sizes that you can choose from because 45 sizes are no less any of sizes of it comes to the variety of boots sizing.

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