Here’s Why Uneven Heels In Your Shoes Is Bad For Your Health.

Modern-day footwear is much more about looks and appeal but when it comes to comfort and foot hygiene, certain important parameters are to be kept in mind.

Even heel structure helps to maintain a proper body posture and refrain you from developing any type of back pain or joint chronic pain.

Many a time it is seen that some people have uneven heels in their shoes or boots. Well as simple as it might appear to you that it is no big a deal to worry about, it actually is.

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Having an uneven heel architecture is an indication of two things – you are prone to chronic foot pain due to abnormal foot structure which can result in either the Rothbarts Foot or The Preclinical Clubfoot Deformity.

What is the Rothbarts Foot?

Rothbarts Foot is the abnormality in the embryological structure of the foot primarily due to the incomplete ontogenetic torsional development of the neck part and the head of the talus. Talus is the bone sitting on top of the heel bone.

What is Preclinical Clubfoot deformity?

On the other hand, Preclinical Clubfoot deformity is the inheritance of the abnormal foot structure from parents where the calcaneus and talus do not undergo normal ontogenetic torsional development and remain in a twisted condition.

Uneven heel in your shoes indicates two very important things – how you walk and what is your body structure and posture while walking. If you walk normally there is no issue but if you have any kind of deformity in your feet, you might be subjected to abnormal feet issues that are an indication of pain in your joints.

Joint pain hurts a lot and people suffering from joint pain issues are more prone to developing arthritis. It is very critical to maintaining a proper body structure because an uneven body posture not only affects the over body functioning but also results in various kinds of imbalances across different joint areas such as back pain, spinal pain, knee pain, and neck pain.

Some other aspects

People who suffer from either of the above-mentioned foot deformity, have twisted feet movements. While walking. The feet twists and torsional mechanics come into play.

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As a result, this twist in the feet is transferred to the heels of the shoes or boots that you wear and can be seen in the form of an uneven heels pattern. Many people suffer a lot due to uneven feet movement and often have the problem of wearing shoes and boots and other mainstream footwear.
So as simple and normal it might seem to you, having an uneven heels in your shoes or boots is a critical issue. It not only affects the movement of the feet but also can cause many foot deformities in the long run.

Twisted feet movements are not at all healthy for the joints. It is an indication of bad body posture and movement aesthetics. Better be safe than be sorry. It is highly recommended to improve the feet movements and the way you walk because it has the potential to bring up some adverse effects in the long run.

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