Durashock Technology – Redefining Work Boots

Working is hard. But a work attires can be the difference between a safe and comfortable working experience or an exhausting and tiresome experience. Work clothes are not just outfits, they are made specially to endure and soldier through your working environment and keep you safe from any harm you might face at a workplace. They will keep you comfortable yet fend of any pain that your working environment may inflict. With a proper working outfit, you will be more than ready to handle the challenges that your working place offers.

Durashock Technology

An important part of any outfit is a pair of good old footwear and working outfits are not an exception. A good old pair of work boots will give you protection from any foot-related accidents. They will be a vital part of helping you do your part in your work. A good pair of work boots will help you stand up straight in harsh working environments. They will keep your feet comfortable and get a good grip on the surface so that you will not slip. Work boots will make your working experience relaxing and fill you with confidence.

Technologies are becoming part of our life through and through. New technologies are being implemented into everything, even our clothing as they become available. Such technology is the Durashock technology for working boots. Durashock is a revolutionary tech that is being implemented into working boots to make them sturdier and more useful to the wearer. It is a relatively new technology but efficient. This technology is being used by major boot manufacturing companies as the tech is effective and convenient. It is sure to be the working boot’s future.

So, what is Durashock? How does it work? What are its advantages? Let’s talk about it. Durashock is the technology that allows the work boots to have a complete energy return system. This allows the wearer to be able to stand on his or her feet for a long period of time without any discomfort. How do they achieve that? Durashock is implemented on the bottom of the working boots. The soles of the work boots are given a unique design. This special type of design allows the shoes to perform some exceptional feats that a regular old boot will not be able to provide. These special traits include feats such as flexing your work boots to propel your feet forward, stabilizing your work boots and feet on uneven terrains, and compressing and returning the same or more amount of energy. These advantages are acquired by implementing Durashock pads under the work boots and Durashock inner footpads placed inside the shoes.

Every Durashock work boot comes with an advanced comfort polyurethane midsole. This midsole will give the work boots excellent flexibility as well as underfoot comfort and advanced shock absorption properties. The flexibility will allow the boots to be bent more furiously but they will not give out. And shock absorption will absorb the major portion of the shock that comes with every impact. It also provides lightweight stability.

Inside every Durashock work boot, you will an extra thick dual-density polyurethane footbed or footpad. This footbed or insole is super lightweight making the work boots comfortable. It absorbs up to 4 times of force than any regular insole. This allows for serious durable construction. This thick footbed will keep your feet nice and comfortable even under a lot of impacts. Along with the Durashock technology in the outer sole, they return the absorbed energy and still support you all day to keep you on your feet.

There are two compression pads attached under the work boots. The pad attached to the forefoot is called the center pad and the one that is placed under the heel is called the heel pad. Both of these Durashock outsoles are made from awesome thermoplastic polyurethane. The lug pattern on the soles allows the work boots to have excellent slip resistance and high abrasion resistance properties. These compression pads compress when put under pressure. This compression dissipates the force or pressure before it reaches the feet and legs. Together with the midsole, the Durashock forms a system that returns the energies that are being absorbed by the boots. They are designed to absorb force more than any shoes on the market.

Now let’s talk about some of the perks of implementing Durashock tech into work boots –

The H-Plate suspension pattern that is designed under the work boots allows them to flex when the wearer is walking. This flexing motion propels the leg forward giving you an extra boost with every step.

The adaptive core allows the work boots to adapt to any surface. It gives the boots the ability to stabilize themselves on any uneven terrain. This gives the wearer a smoother walking experience.

The shock sidewalls absorb shocks and compress under force and return the energy making it easier to endure.

The most important advantage of the Durashock technology is the ability to absorb shock and energy and return it. Upon doing so, your work boots will give the user a whole new level of comfort. They will allow the wearer to stand up for a long period of time without any discomfort. They will also allow the work boots to be more durable and comfortable to the user’s feet. Dissipating the force that is supposed to reach the user’s feet allows them to avoid any damage that comes with a long time walking and standing up on uneven terrain. The shock-absorbing technology also allows the work boots to be able to provide comfort when the wearer is carrying heavy loads. It also allows the user to stand up straight with pride and confidence. With all these advantages and perks it is really hard to compare anything else against the Durashock technology implemented in work boots. This technology makes all the previous working boots obsolete. Durashock redefines the idea of working boots. Durashock is the future of all manners of working boots

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