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Now before diving into these boots, understand that they are two different kinds of boots. One is Oxford boots and the other is Derby boots. Oxford boots are lace up boots where the bottom portion of the lacing section is sewn closed. They comprises of a vamp and the shoe eyelets are stitched underneath that front section of the boots which hosts the vamp. Commonly known by the term – closed front shoe, they are formal footwear with huge variety in colours, design and materials used. On the other hand Derby boots are also lace up shoe boots but comprise of an open lacing section. The vamp has eyelets sewn on top of it.

Must Have Non-Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers

Cooking is one of the most interesting things that you can do in your life. Some of the people work in restaurants as professional chefs while some of our work as restaurant staff that indulges in many other operational activities of a restaurant. For most of us who work in a restaurant, anti-slip shoes or […]

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