Best Under Hard Hat Buyers Guide

Hard hat liners are the best way to keep sweat out of your eyes, and also keep dripping sweat off of your glasses or eyes. Sweating while working is very common among men/women, and it can be disturbing at times. Nobody likes sweat dripping here and there. Mainly the sweat generates from the head where you cover it with a helmet and it comes drooling to your face. So to prevent it, under hat liners are being used that soak the sweat instantly and keeps your head non-sticky.

They were basically worn by skaters, cyclists, and motorcyclists to prevent the sweat from disturbing their view. But eventually, it has become an important part of the industrial hard hats too. Unmanaged run-away sweat is an annoyance, even hazardous. Burning stringing sweat can be blinding, and sweaty, that may make your sunglasses blind or make the dust sticky. Some liners are also made exclusively for winters to cover up your head and ear and protect from chilling air.

Buyer’s Guide

Just as choosing the best under hard hat is tough and detailed information should be known by the customer to buy that, it is as important in the case of under hat lining. There must be some qualities that you should know before buying the under hat liners.


Make sure you check the material before buying it. An underlining cap should always be tight fittings (not extremely tight that it would make you feel uncomfortable). For that, the fabric should be polyester as its base. This makes it free size (can fit anybody) and a bit breathable. A proper breathing cap would be more comfortable than anything else.


Though the lining caps are always free sized, still you should always first check the fitting and then use it. A properly fitted cap will always give you a better experience than any other cap. In fact, the cap has to be worn inside a helmet, so it has to be well fitted otherwise the helmet may slip around with the cap.


There are two types of inner lining cap available in the market. One is specially made for summer and another for winter.

The summer cap would have the quality to wick away your sweat and make you feel cool all day. It will help you to stay refresh.

The winter cap would help you keep warm. It will protect your neck and ear from the chilling weather.

So make sure you read the description of the cap before buying so that you can buy a proper cap for the proper purpose.


Your head cannot bear something heavy for a long time, especially when you’re already wearing a helmet upon it. The inner lining cap should be light in weight and should become a burden on your head. It should fit properly under your helmet so that you would feel extra congested over the head. It may disturb you while working or any sports.

Make sure you know the purpose of the cap before buying it and choose accordingly the best out of it.

Tough Headwear Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie with Ear Covers – Ultimate Thermal Retention and Performance Moisture Wicking. Perfect for Running, Cycling, Skiing & Winter Sports. Fits Under Helmets

It is a perfect lightweight liner that acts as a cover for your ear during frigid winter.

1) Tough Headwear Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie with Ear Covers - Ultimate Thermal Retention and Performance Moisture Wicking. Perfect for Running, Cycling, Skiing & Winter Sports. Fits Under Helmets


It is an ideal headwear for adventurous sports or work during the chilling winters. It fits perfectly to any size heads and under the helmet without making it feel congested.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight: this is so light-weighted that you can wear it anywhere and while doing any work, whether it’s while playing or while working in the factory. It will always be comfortable and ready for any duty.
  • Material: this skull cap is made of polyester, which is stretchy and breathable. It can easily wick away sweat while the brushed lining provides lightweight thermal retention.
  • Care about ears: this liner will keep your ear warm and nice, free from those chilling air while working in winters. It is light but has a warming technology to keep the heat of your body to itself.
  • Fitting: the cap is made with a mixture of polyester and spandex blend, it fits to any size of head comfortably and does not make it too tight or too loose.

Key Specifications

  • Material – polyester
  • Brand – Tough Headwear
  • Weight – 45 grams
  • Dimension –51 x 10.67 x 3.3 cm

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Lightweight
  • Free size
  • Protects ears
  • Keeps the head warm
  • Sweat-wicking
  • not for summer


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Klein Tools 60181 Cooling Helmet Liner, Under Hard Hat Cap with Mesh Fabric at Crown

It is a reliable family company product that would keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Klein Tools 60181 Cooling Helmet Liner, Under Hard Hat Cap with Mesh Fabric at Crown


Cooling helmet liner keeps you cool up to 2 hours when wet. The mesh lining is breathable and it is machine washable and reusable. For more than 160 years, Klein Tools has manufactured premium quality products.

Features and Benefits

  • Material: front fabric is made of 92% polyester, 8% spandex, but the back of the lining is 100% polyester.
  • Cooling technology: a special system is provided that would give you 2 hours continuous cooling for up to 30 degrees below body temperature after activating it. To activate it, you just need to soak it in water, and then wring out excess water, snap 3-4. It also wicks away the sweat simultaneously.
  • Breathability: the cap has a Mesh lining at the crown that expands airflow for maximum breathability.

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer – Klein Tools
  • Weight –37 ounces
  • Dimension –5 x 2.75 x 0.25 inches
  • Battery – not required

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Flexible fabric
  • Cools upto 2 hour
  • Unique technology
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Sweat wicking
  • May not save you in winters


So these were some of the best under headwear that is very useful and comfortable. These are very important nowadays because of the changing weather. One of these is for winter especially which will safeguard you from the chilling cold air and another is for summer where it will give you a cooling effect and wick away the sweat. There are many other under caps available in the market for such adventurous sports as well as for labor works. Now it is upon you what weather is harsher upon you and accordingly what are your needs. If any of these suits you, purchase it as soon as possible.

We cannot recommend any of these, because both are useful for different weather/season. The ‘tough headwear’ is specially made for winter use; it may not be very useful in summer. Although nowhere it is mentioned that you cannot use it in summer, but it may not give you satisfaction. Likewise, the ‘Klein tools’ has specially made caps for summer with unique technology to keep your head cool for 2 hours straight. It may not have the appropriate structure to protect you in winters. So you can order both to use it for different seasons. It is all up to you, just make sure you choose the cap which fits you properly and keeps you comfortable.

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