Best Under-Armour Tactical Boot With Zipper | Review

If you are military personnel or work in the armed forces, it becomes very critical for you to have the right piece of footwear that is designed using state of the art and modern advanced technologies.

Protection to the feet is vital all the time when you are patrolling because rough, uneven and harsh outdoor conditions might put forward some barriers to your performance while you are carrying out your job.

When it comes to footwear and that too tactical boot, one thing is critical, convenience in wearing the boots for long hours, convenience in putting them on and off and feeling comfortable while staying on the field for long hours.


Now let me explain to you why these factors are so crucial in determining your performance:

  • Your boots should be lightweight because lightweight footwear maximizes your performance on the field in any type of weather or on any type of terrain. You will never get the feeling that you are dragging something with you that you don’t want to.
  • They should be comfortable to wear all day long or for long hours because you need to stay on the field for long and any discomfort in the feet might slow down your overall performance.
  • They need to be robust, highly durable and should have strong built quality because you will be required to work in the unfavorable working environment and harsh conditions such as uneven terrain, bad weather and in many more such types of conditions. Hence strong boots with durable construction and a waterproof body enhance your overall performance and do not provide any hindrance while you work in the field.
  • They should be convenient to put on and off anytime because you don’t want to waste your time in putting on your boots especially when you are a military personnel. Convenience is the main key out here. If they have a side zipper, it is definitely like a cherry on top of the cake. The presence of side zipper increases the convenience of wearing them and putting them off.

Attempts by many brands to become the market changer

Many brands have tried to bring forward some of their flagship products in the tactical boots category that features a convenient user experience. Most of them failed because they were not able to bring the necessary requirements into reality.

On the other hand Under Armour is one such reputed brand in the footwear industry that has been producing tactical boot for quite a long time.

With the advent of new and emerging technology the footwear industry has evolved and so has Under Armor. They have come forward with their flagship tactical boot with side zipper and named it as,

Under Armour Men’s Stellar TAC Side Zip – 

 Considered as one of the best side zipper tactical boot manufactured yet.

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When it comes to material and build quality, these boots feature a fabric or textile construction while the sole is made up of premium quality leather.

The shaft measures approximately up to the mid-top from the arch and gives a unique comfort experience in the tactical boot category.

They have a fit expectancy of 82 percent and are available in the US shoe size scale of 8 to 14.

Featuring an excellent build quality and comprising of a size zipper construction, these boots are on top of the list for the best tactical boot with side zipper

Look and feel:

The boots are extremely comfortable to use and will give you a unique user experience in terms of comfort. Looks classy and elegant they are available in the classic black finish, which magnifies the charm of the boots even more.

Key features and benefits:

  • DWR finish: This boost comes with a DWR finishing which makes them water repellent as well as maintains their air breathability at the same time. SO you don’t have to compromise on your foot hygiene for waterproofness if you go with Under Armour Men’s Stellar TAC Side Zip Boots.
  • Lightweight construction: These boots are pretty much lightweight to use as the leather and 900D nylon construction makes the upper part of the boots much lighter and soft.
  • Side Zipper: These boots feature a medial side zipper for easy user experience. Built for convenience the side zipper aids in easy putting on and off of these boots and save time and effort.
  • Simplistic design: The boots feature a simplistic and minimalistic design. They can be dried quickly and comes with a polishable toe.
  • EVA midsole: The Under Armour Men’s Stellar TAC Side Zip Boots features an EVA midsole that has reinforced TPU shank. The main advantage is that it enhances the overall protection the boots provide to the feet and helps to maintain a uniform body support. Great use of technology in a fine piece of craftsmanship.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly boots under 100 dollars
  • Lightweight boots that just weighs around 4 pounds
  • They come with removable insoles
  • Perfectly slip resistant and provides excellent traction on the slippery surface
  • They do not have a steel toe construction

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

Until now this is the most reliable piece of military footwear I have come across in years that blends convenience and comfort in a single package.

My dad is in the army and spends a lot of time on the field. For him, it is very critical to have the right piece of footwear because any divergence inattention cannot be tolerated as it becomes critical to the operation and to his own life.

Under Armour has definitely taken care of all aspects and hence came up with one of the best well-crafted boots priced under 100 dollars that are already giving its customers more than expected.

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My dad is using them for quite some time now and is completely satisfied with the results and experience.

These boots are a perfect blend of modern-day footwear technology, style, and comfort with a touch of convenience.

For military personnel, convenience is everything and any carelessness or divergence inattention on the field can become the deciding factor between life and death. You surely don’t want to get injured or killed on the field due to your silly footwear. So it’s better to own such footwear which is

  • Convenient to use
  • Has a simplistic design
  • Features every state of the art technologies
  • Eases up your life.

In today’s time. Convenience hurt nobody. So better enjoy it and make your life simple. Overall the best tactical boots with side zipper from the house of Under Armor that is worth a product to spend money on.

You will observe the benefits down the line somewhere in the coming years. A complete value for money product.

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