Best SOREL Women’s Snow Boot Review

For women staying warm and cozy in the snowy winter season is as much important as it is for anyone else. Especially for outdoor purposes, many women need a pair of wonderful boots that will help them stay cozy as well as serve as a perfect pair of the outdoor boot for any purpose in the regions where it snow heavily.

It seems like SOREL is one of the underdog brands that has been rising to become one of the best footwear brands in the winter boots category.

A Story Of My Elder Sister.

My elder sister stays in the northern region where the temperature drops to a very low point. The region stays in snow most of the time. She is a house worker but does most of the household shopping and other such activities by herself.

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A few months back she was in dire need of reliable winter footwear that can protect her from the chilling cold and at the same time serve best for wearing outside also.

I recommended her a fine piece of footwear that belongs from the house of SOREL, as one of my other friends has been using it for quite a long time.

Let’s get to know something about SOREL. It is one of the most underrated footwear brands that has raised to the top ever since it came into the market. SOREL produces quality footwear for Men, Women, Kids and that too for all the age groups.

It was founded in the year 1962 in Canada and is known to have produced some of the finest quality footwear designed with excellent craftsmanship for the modern world. The footwear from the house of SOREL is a new generation of footwear that is specially designed for all those who want to engage in tough jobs and that’s because the quality of this footwear is one of the best but one of the most underrated also.

A SOREL specialty

SOREL don’t just make top quality winter boots but they combine the elements of comfort, durability, and reliability in a blend of excellent craftsmanship. Each of the winter boots that SOREL produces for the customers is just fine quality winter boots that can give competition to any of the top footwear brands out there.

Their flawless construction and top quality design make them quite a lot appealing and catchy to the eye.

So let’s talk about one of the best snow boot for women from the house of SOREL and see what specialties it has that my sister keeps on boasting about all the time:

SOREL Women’s Cozy Cate Snow Boot –

The best snowshoes from SOREL

This piece of excellent footwear doesn’t just live by its name, it also gives one of the best comforts in the snowy winter season, that you would expect from a pricey piece of footwear

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Material/ Build Quality/ Usability

They feature a textile construction and the sole is made up of synthetic material. The fit expectancy is 66 percent and the sizes available are 5 to 8 on the US shoe size scale.

Look and Feel

Feels comfortable to use. Looks classy and elegant. Available in three different color variants.

Key Features and characteristics

Shaft: The shaft measures 10 inches from the arch.
Insulated boots: The boots feature a 100 grams of insulating material which makes them perfect for winter season.
EVA outsole: The outsole is EVA grade and one of the finest in the industry.
Waterproof shoes: They are waterproof and has a breathable membrane construction.


• They have molded rubber pads
• Comprises of removable EVA footbed

• Feature a microfleece lining which enhances the waterproof qualities.
• Lightweight shoes.


• Pretty much narrow and does not have wide feet

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6" Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

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Perfect footwear that has technology and comfort blended perfectly into a durable piece of footwear. A budget-friendly pair of the boot which is definitely built to last.

SOREL is a brand that has always stayed true to its word about quality and comfort. But not followed by many like other top brands. My sister has been using these boots since

3 months and she loves it. She has never been so much relieved by using a winter snow boot than the SOREL Women’s Cozy Cate Snow Boot. It is my recommendation to anyone who needs snow boots to simply go with these amazing footwear as not just it is a value for money product but it is built to last for long.

A perfect pair of snow boots not only just eases your life but makes a lot of other things much easier. It keeps you in shape as you do not have to worry about wearing poorly constructed footwear.

The construction of these boots is one of the best in class and these boots will easily last for more than 3 years if maintained and handle properly. It can

even go up to 5 years if you handle it more efficiently.

Always remember that quality and durability also depends on handling. If you will handle these boots well, it is pretty sure any women will get assurance after seeing that not just quality matters but also handling matters. These boots are a perfect blend of comfort and durability. Go give them a try.

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