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A hard hat is as important as any other equipment. It has to be strong and very rigid to protect one’s head from all kinds of impacts. As the head is the most precious organ of your body, you should protect it anyway, otherwise, it can give lifetime disability or direct death. But it was only about the situation inside a factory or industry where the risk of falling objects is more. So it is also important for us to protect ourselves from the harmful sunrays if we are working outside. It can directly damage your eyes or any other part of your body.

There are many things to save your body from the sun rays but not the part of heads, especially the eyes. So a hard hat with sun visor is very important for those who work outside. If you need such protection, we are here with a great option of such an item that would completely satisfy your need.

Buying Guide

Sun visor hard hats do not have many different qualities or something which is totally different from the quality of other hard hats. So we would like you to read the basic qualities and features of hard hats (which we have already discussed a lot of times) in the following segment –

Types of Hard Hats

  • Type 1 helmets incorporate a full brim, which means that the brim encircles the dome of the hat.
  • Type 2 helmets do not have a brim but may include a short bill similar to a baseball hat.

Classes of hard hats

  • Class E – E stands for electrical, this class of hat provides the greatest protection against electrocution. It is rated to protect against exposure to high-voltage electrical conductors, to a maximum of 20,000 volts.
  • Class G – G stands for General; this class of hat is the most common type of hard hat. It has been tested to provide protection against low-voltage conductors, to a maximum of 2,200 volts.
  • Class C – C here stands for Conductive, these hats no electrical protection.

How to Pick a Hard Hat

  • Material

Your hat/helmet should first be made from polyethylene or ABS materials which are tough and durable. The whole functionality of the hat depends on the material that is used to build the hat.

  • Adjustable Straps

These allow you for tightening or loosening easily while wearing the hat to ensure your hat does not fall off.

  • Color

Colors may be required at construction firms in order to distinguish between trades or workers and visitors to give an idea of who is on-site and what work they are associated with.

  • Headband Adjustment

Headband adjustment, allows you to adjust your hard hat to a comfortable fit.

  • Weight

The weight of the hard hat is important if you wear your hat all day; the lighter, the better.

  • Durability

Finally, make sure the hard hat is durable and will always work for you from one job site to the next over a long period.

The special quality that is only limited to this particular post is the Availability of Visor glasses. They need to be as strong and reliable as the whole hat. It should have the ability to protect your eyes and front face from harmful sun rays and other impacts too.

Following is a product from the Centurion brand which will surely fulfill your needs and meet all the qualities.

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Centurion Vision plus ABS Helmet w/Integrated Retractable Visor/Safety Glasses. Lightweight Design with Ratchet Headband – White

 It’s a specialized combination of safety helmet with eye protection, proper head protection, and comfort.

Centurion Vision plus ABS Helmet w/Integrated Retractable Visor/Safety Glasses. Lightweight Design with Ratchet Headband - White


This helmet perfectly meets the ANSI safety standards of Z89.1-2009 class-E-20,000V. It is durable and light weighted that gives complete protection to your head, neck, and eyes.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight

It is made up of extremely lightweight ABS material. It’s the lightest yet strongest material. It is also electrically insulated up to 20,000 voltage. The shell extends to the neck giving it equal protection, shorter brim is provided for greater visibility.

  • 6-point Terylene webbing suspension

The hat has the 6-point Terylene webbing suspension with 4 adjustment points, which makes it completely user friendly.

  • Sweatband

There’s a premium absorbent Dry-tech sweatband available with the helmet to keep your head dry and stop the sweat to disturb you while working.

  • Visor

The specialty of this helmet is the retractable safety visor that goes over your prescription glasses. It will protect your eyes from heavy impacts, harmful sunrays, and any small particles to go inside. (The visors can be easily replaced without any tool)

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 64 x 10.98 x 6.26 inches
  • Weight:19 pounds
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: Centurion

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Light-weight
  • Strong and rigid
  • Electrical insulated
  • 6-point Terylene webbing suspension
  • Sweatband
  • Retractable visor
  • Protect neck and eyes too
  • Only for top impacts


We have done a lot of research and found that not many visor hats are available in the market. Out of very few, we found this hat the best in quality and features. It is made with the strongest material and has a stylish look. It’s comfortable, yet rigid, and strong. It will protect overall your upper portion of the body, that is your head, neck, ears, eyes, and part of your face. No need to worry about the fittings, it has the adjustable suspension style which will eliminate your extra effort to fit it.

Even if you’re not very satisfied with this, you can surely search for other items available on Amazon. If you already have a hard hat and just want a visor, you can buy a separate visor brim. There are many types of separate visor available that would fit any type of hard hats. But if you are planning to buy a hard hat, then this would satisfy all your needs at once.

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