5 Best Lineman Climbing Boots : Ideal Safety Foot Wear

As a lineman, you need to climb power poles, power lines, and phone cables. You need boots that’ll help you in climbing up the poles. Sometimes, you may even need to carry weight up to 50 lbs. It’s not an easy task being a lineman. Lineman climbing boots make it easy to operate any work. The job constantly involves the risk of getting injured by electrical shocks, and fall damage caused due to slipping while climbing up the poles. To prevent such mishaps, you need to wear safety equipment at work, and safety boots are one of them.

This is why it’s mandatory to wear work boots that ANSI boots. Due to the wide range of boots, at least thousands from various brands, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one. A lineman’s boots for climbing has its special needs. They need to protect you from electrical hazards and also be oil and slip-resistant, among other safety precautions. It becomes confusing to choose the right. But don’t you worry, we have created a list of the best lineman climbing boots after doing thorough research by our team. We have also mentioned and discussed the deciding factors that we undertook while creating the list. You should also have a look and understand what’s required for your feet.

Buying guide

Electrical Hazard Protection:

This is the most important factor, as a lineman, you are always vulnerable to electrical shocks. These may cause a serious impact on your body. To prevent such mishaps, Lineman workers are required to wear boots that provide safety from electrical hazards. The safety level of a boot is determined in the labs, and the extent to which they can protect against electricity is measured by their ratings. So always check the EH ratings of the boots before purchasing it.


Traction means grip. So, the better the traction is, the better will be your grip and hence better stability. Now you know why traction is important while climbing. Traction depends on the outsole. For better traction, the outsole should be rugged, rigid, non-slip, and oil-resistant and possess aggressive treads. The boots should be wide enough for better stability. So we recommend you to buy a boot with a quality outsole that lasts long.


Water is a good conductor of electricity. If your boots are waterproof, then it will protect you from possible electrical shocks. Furthermore, if you buy a boot that can keep out water, then it ensures that your foot is protected from unwanted infections. Similarly, if wear a drenched boot, it is not only uncomfortable, but the material also loses its strength no matter how tough it is. To know if a boot is waterproof, read the product description page. Generally, the boots with the most hardened natural leather or a heavily-oiled one are capable of keeping water out. Make sure not to compromise breathability.


If the boot is uncomfortable, no one will wear it, no matter how high quality it may be. The basic determining factor for comfort is the insole. A good level of cushioning provides comfort to your feet.  These allow you to wear the boots even for a long duration, without the need of removing them.


The material of a boot decides its quality, comfort level, and longevity. Natural leather boots are the most preferred ones as they will last for years, and it also balances quality and comfort.

  1. Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black – 9716

Climb places without fear of losing grief or boot damage.

E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\RankSoldierWriters\Divya Mehra\Divya Mehara 18-09-2020\Images Divya Mhara 18-09-2020\Wesco Highliner 16 Work Boot Black - 9716.png


The WESCO Highliner Boots are made with fine materials, high-quality craftsmanship while keeping in consideration to linemen’s needs. These are referred to as one of the best climbing boots. It is designed and constructed for power, telephone, cable utility workers, and arborists. It has extra arch support, heavy-duty steel shanks, spur-shielding heel breastplates, and leather side flaps as comfort is as integral as safety and quality. These boots are crafted for critical protection.

Feature and Benefits:

Steel side plates:
The steel side plates are added for protecting the sole of the boot while climbing. These only fit on ones with a mini-lug sole.

Heavy-Duty Steel Shank:

For a long-lasting build, these are made with non-corrosive, double-ribbed, and a slightly arched steel shank for maximum comfort and support.

Lace-to-toe Boots

These boots are better than traditional boots in terms of comfort and fit. The boot laces go down farther which allows a lace-up from the toe to forefoot area making it tighter/loose.

Sturdy Vibram® Solid Sole:

Conquer the mountains with the Vibram solid soles, designed for maximum grip, durability, and traction. The quality is a soling choice for rugged outdoor wear. Vibram’s Fire & Ice compound that is used in this sole is flame resistant. These boots are engineered to withstand extreme temperature ranges. Oil Resistant

7 oz. full-grain leather

The full-grain leather upper covers the outer layer of leather which makes it the toughest and longest most lasting part of the leather. This makes the WESCO a tough pair of work boots.

This is an additional layer that extends from the middle of the boot to the back of the boot. It is used to obtain additional rigidity and support to the arch of the boot.

Key Specifications:

  • Item Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Sole: Vibram
  • Shank: Steel
  • Upper: Full-grain leather

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Leather side flap for protection while climbing
  • half-slip for added support in the arch
  • Recessed metal heel breastplate
  • Steel side plate
  • Removable false tongue
  • It’s difficult to wear jeans with them as they aren’t spacious enough

Works boots that offer comfort and work on decreasing the pressure on your feet by uniformly distributing it is all we need. The materials and design are made keeping in consideration the long working hours and lineman duties for a superior walking experience. The full-grain leather upper adds style and durability to these boots. It features a refined lug medallion that is ideal for work and industrial footwear. The boots are the lace-up type that makes it self-adjustable and more comforting.

  1. ARIAT Men’s Powerline 400G Waterproof 400G Composite Toe Work Boot

Specially designed for lineman and logger with added protection and support.

E:\Rahul Ji AMAZON\RankSoldierWriters\Divya Mehra\Divya Mehara 18-09-2020\Images Divya Mhara 18-09-2020\ARIAT Men's Powerline 400G Waterproof 400G Composite Toe Work Boot.png


The Powerline 400G Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boots are designed for lineman and loggers. The extra-wide shank increases stability and comfort for long workdays. The Features like Waterproof Pro construction, waterproof full-grain leather, Ultra insulation, lightly padded with protective collar and Goodyear leather welt are essential components that contribute to the durable and sturdy nature of the boots.

Feature and Benefits:

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


There are outdoor traction lugs with debris-releasing tread. The Goodyear leather welt and Oil distressed leather construction gives protection and durability The Heavy-duty steel tank is tempered to attain high performance. It features the U-Turn Entry System and lightly padded protective collar for design and strength.


The Vibram rubber outsole set with traction lugs and the PU midsole inserts acts as shock absorbents resulting in soft steps. The Vibram® outsole with exclusive Ariat ® design lends breathability and cushioning.


The Composite safety toe is ASTM F2413-11 M/1/75 C/75 EH rated for insulation. The Thinsulate Ultra insulation and molded external heel protectors provide traction and support. As these are water-resistant, they keep your feet warm and dry for long hours. Waterproof Pro construction with waterproof full-grain leather.

Key Specifications:

  • Shaft height: 11 inches
  • Toe shape: Round
  • Safety toe: Composite Toe
  • Safety Filter: Safety Toe
  • Waterproof: waterproof pro
  • Technology Filter: U-turn entry

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • U-Turn Entry System
  • Vibram outsole
  • Goodyear leather welt
  • Waterproof Pro construction
  • Not Di-electric
  • Takes efforts to put jeans over them

These handsome Powerline H20 400G Ariat work boots are for the man who needs to be best at all times. It’s crafted with oily distressed waterproof full-grain leather. The added protection is given with protective composite toe and 3mm Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. The U-Turn Entry System and Vibram rubber outsoles make these boots rugged, comfortable, and durable. Wear confidence and tackle the toughest of jobs with ease.

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  1. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

For Iron minors and heavy-duty workers, a decent pair to opt for.

Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6 Boot


The Iron Ranger was built for iron miners with a Goodyear welt and Puritan triple-stitch construction. Precision lacing is achieved with brass speed hooks and a visual hit of hardware. For decades the iron ranger assured durability and iconic style. These signature boots are 6 inches long featuring a leather toe cap that is as distinctively durable. Over time personalized fit and comfort are achieved with Leather insoles and cork midsole.

Feature and Benefits:


The Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from the arch, the heel measures approximately 1″, and the platform measures approximately 0.50″. A bump toe is featured for more room up-front and the double layer leather toe cap and leather heel pocket for support.

Fit Recommendations

Many customers size down ½ to 1 full size as these shoes are large in most cases. Buying a size down will give a great fit and comfort.


Take some warm water and a soft-bristle brush and try to remove the stuck-on dirt by applying force to it. After this take a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt present in the boots.


For a personalized fit and custom, each pair of Iron Rangers develops comfort with leather insoles and a cork midsole. The Vibram® 430 Mini-lug outsole provides superior comfort.

Key Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 10 x 6 x 15 inches
  • Outsole: Vibram® 430 Mini-lug
  • Construction: Goodyear Welt
  • Shank: Steel
  • Hardware: Nickel Eyelets and Hooks

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Vibram® 430 Mini-lug outsole
  • Goodyear welt and Puritan triple-stitch construction
  • Easy to clean
  • flat bottom and a thinner cork sole
  • Six-inch boot height
  • Takes time to break-in
  • A little pricey
  • Not recommended to wear in icy climates
  • Short laces

The Iron Rangers boots have a flat bottom and a thinner cork sole that resembles a cowboy boot and moc toe with grooves, slightly thicker sole, and ridges giving a similar resemblance to work boots. The comfort is achieved after a few days of wearing them but once they feel right, they become your go-to partners. The design and construction are done for long-distance walkers and people searching for better traction.

  1. La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot

Climb, work, or walk these boots are your mountaineering partners in every terrain of your life.

La Sportiva Men's Makalu Mountaineering Boot


Makalu mountaineering boots show great performance and fit, achieved through 3.0mm Idro-Perwanger roughout Leather upper. The full steel stank and protective Vibram rubber sole add protection and the EZ rollerball hardware allows easy lace-up. General mountaineering and heavy backpacking are ideal terrain conditions for these boots. The moisture licking technology keeps the feet dry and healthy. The natural color of the boots makes them stylish yet efficient to wear in the roughest of terrains.

 Feature and Benefits:


An independent fit in lower and upper portions of the boot is achieved with the Rollerball hardware incorporating steel roller ball eyelets and locking D-rings for effortless and precise tensioning of boot laces. Automatic crampon compatibility is due to the presence of MtnFlex insole and full steel shank

Dry- Best lining

Water-resistance is achieved with Dry-Best® lining that transports moisture away from the skin gives a cool, dry, and comfortable feel. The Idro-Perwanger Leather upper is extremely water repellant even after allowing breathability and durability.


The 1.2 mm Dacromet-coated full steel shank and the SBR air-cushioned midsole featuring a honeycomb heel grid flexes on impact to and reduces the stress on feet to provide ultimate comfort.

MPE sole (MPE stands for Mountaineering Performance Evolution):

This proprietary sole is uniquely designed with a dual-density SBR design, an SBR Aircushion, self-cleaning lugs, and automatic crampon compatibility to ensure years of service in the harshest conditions.


The 3mm Idro-Perwanger leather with a rubber toe, 8mm Mtnflex insole with a 1.5mm Dacromet-coated full steel shank all features combine to provide protection to the boots while mountaineering activities and add durability.

Key Specifications:

  • Item Weight:57 oz (980g)
  • Upper: 3mm Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather
  • Lining: Dry-Best®
  • Insole: 8mm MtnFlex insoles
  • Midsole: SBR Aircushion
  • Sole: Skywalk® MPE
  • Closure: lace-up
  • Toe Coverage: Closed Toe

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Ideal for mountaineering and heavy bag packing
  • Dry-Best® lining for water resistance
  • Idro-Perwanger durable leather upper
  • SBR Aircushion midsole
  • EZ rollerball hardware for durability
  • Very Expensive
  • Need time to break-in due to stiff structure

These mountaineering and heavy bag packing boots are quite stiff but after a few miles, you get used to it. The leather is quite durable and gives a decent look to the boots. The sole remains rigid, stiff, and supportive for long hours of spur climbing. Just one pair of these boots is fit for all work profiles like SRT rope climbing with foot loops. There are many choices for limb walking, but these are the most preferred ones.

  1. Georgia Boot Steel Toe Waterproof Logger Boot Chocolate

Well insulated completely waterproof yet breathable and comfortable boot.

Georgia Boot Steel Toe Waterproof Logger Boot Chocolate

The GeOvervieworgia Boot are steel-toed and waterproof Logger boots for all-day comfort and durability. It keeps your feet safe and dry with Georgia Waterproof System. The boot is breathable but doesn’t allow water to enter a bit. It features trusted Goodyear welt construction and an abrasion-resistant scalloped heel rubber outsole. Comfort is guaranteed with a covered cushion insole and a fully-lined and cushioned collar. The steel shank and polyurethane orthotic inserts provide support.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Work features:

These boots have a Georgia waterproof system for excellent water resistance. It has Heat, Slip, Oil, and slip-resistant outsoles. The GEORGIA logger provides Abrasion Resistant and Chemical resistant. Electrical Hazard Protection is equipped in these boots.

  • Build:

The boots are made of a rubber sole with Goodyear welt construction and have covered cushioned insole. The Leather upper, milled brass hardware (extends the life of the laces), Fully lined. The brush guard kiltie present in these boots is removable. Solid stud hook and eyelets set on steel washers are also featured in this men’s logging boot.

  • Hazard Protection:

Equipped with hazard protection like ASTM F2413 protective toe classification with a steel toe and ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard.

Key Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 12x12x24 inches
  • Item weight: 13 Pounds
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Toe Type: Steel Toe
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Upper: Leather Upper
  • Shank: Steel

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Abrasion-resistant scalloped heel rubber outsole
  • Ideal for various work conditions
  • Fully lined and cushioned collar
  • Meets several safety standards
  • Runs narrow
  • Low-quality insoles

An everyday work wears suitable for the toughest of work sites with a durable and sturdy build that makes the Georgia Boot ® Waterproof Logger ST work boot an ideal pair. The features like replaceable Goodyear welt construction, solid stud hooks, and eyelets set on steel washers make this boot an ideal choice. The steel shank makes this work boot the toughest of its kind. It keeps your feet dry in any climate condition due to the Georgia waterproof system. The removable polyurethane orthotic inserts deliver cushioning on any ground.


 Being a Lineman is a tough job, and it is tougher to find the right safety equipment, particularly the boot. However, we made your task easier. We researched the internet for various boots by different brands, and also the customer reviews. We concluded with the above list. You can go with anyone of the above-mentioned boots, as each one is unique in its way and designed to guarantee your safety and comfort.

If you do ask for our favorite, we will recommend the Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black – 9716 model. These Highliner Boots are made with fine materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Designed and constructed for power, telephone, cable utility workers, and arborist, these boots feature extra arch support, heavy-duty steel shanks, spur-shielding heel breastplates, and leather side flaps. With sturdy Vibranium sole, you get that extra grip, traction, and stability required for climbing up poles. We ensure you that your feet will have a nice day at work every day if you wear these boots. Do share your experience in the comment section below.

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